How You Can Help Reduce Your Lower Back Pain

14 May 2021
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Low back pain can create all types of problems for you. You can't sleep, you can't walk far, and you can't sit for too long. It's uncomfortable and the pain can be very irritating, leaving you moody and annoyed. If you have lower back pain that is giving you problems, you can seek help from a chiropractor to get regular adjustments to reduce the pain and discomfort. In between your chiropractic visits, there are things you may be able to do that can help. Read below from some of these things.

Change Your Posture

Make a change to your posture to help reduce your back pain. You may be hunched over to help stretch out your lower back as you walk, causing you to have further pain. It can make it difficult to walk for long distances if you are walking with a hunch, as you're causing yourself more pain. Stand straight up and walk with your hips and shoulder in line with one another. Keep your chin parallel to the floor and walk with your arms at your sides. This may not feel very comfortable at first, but adjusting your posture may actually help with time.

Adjust How You Sit

In addition to your walking posture, you should change your sitting posture. If you sit at a desk throughout the day, you may have lower back pain and shoulder or neck pain as well. Reduce this pain by changing the way you sit. Sit with your chair close to your desk and your feet planted on the floor. Your arms should be relaxed, not over-stretching to reach the keyboard or anything else. You should be able to see your computer monitor at eye level. Move your screen or your chair as necessary for better posture. At home when sitting on a couch or in a chair, sit with your bottom in the seat, not at an angle or in some other way. If you sit with your feet up, be sure you have a pillow behind your back for more support.

Change How You Sleep

The way you sleep may be leaving you with back pain. If you sleep with a bad mattress or a pillow that isn't supportive, you may wake up daily with back pain. Your pillow and mattress should offer you plenty of support. You should sleep on your side or on your back,  but use extra pillows for more support. Support your legs if you sleep on your back and place a pillow between your knees when you sleep on your side to align your hips better. 

if you have lower back pain, there are ways to reduce the pain and to help in between chiropractic appointments. If you need further care, talk to a chiropractor about lower back pain care.